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Digital Marketing is Boom! Why ?

At present, digital marketing  stands as a booming career option for the youth in India. Digital marketing has been successful in making a very strong impact in the Advertising and Marketing world with some of the most striking features like instant response, cost-effectiveness, convenience, flexibility and efficacy. The chances of development of the digital marketing industry in India are quite high with increasing numbers of points of contact.

Development of the Digital marketing Arena

The digital marketing industry carries a worth of $68 billions. There has been a considerable rise in advertising through tablets and mobile phones and this rise has resulted in the high demand of skilled professionals in the field of digital marketing. Other industries in India are found struggling with growth rates of 5% to 10% while the digital marketing industry in the country is booming with a growth rate of 40%. 

Digital marketing to Offer around 1.5 Lakh Jobs in 2016

It has been estimated that digital marketing will be offering around 1.5 lakh jobs in the year 2016. This number would also include different varieties of job profiles in digital marketing space like analytics and technical.


The Growth of Internet Usage- Main Reason behind Booming Digital marketing World

At present, it is being found that the internet has completely changed the way in which people used to purchase required items and products and even the way different companies sell their services and products. Starting from computers to mobile phones, shoes to clothes, electronics to books, a large number of people are turning to the use of internet for the purchase of different services and products. The rise in the use of internet has resulted in the development of online businesses which have created job opportunities for the people. The increased access of the internet has been possible with a reduction in prices with everyone being able to afford a smart phone. This has resulted in the growth of internet users in the last decade.


The Success of Online Purchase- another Reason behind Booming Digital marketing

Another noteworthy reason behind the development of digital marketing space in India is the success of online purchase. The online space has gone through a complete revival in the last decade with the e-commerce market still in its budding stage in India. It has been reported through proper research that the thirst most famous search category on the internet is shopping. As there are an increased number of people showing great interest in shopping online, investors are finding it beneficial to invest in India. This has led to the development of the e-commerce market in India. The present e-commerce market in the country is worth $1.6 billions with an expectation of five times growth by the year 2016. 

Development of Digital Advertising and E-Commerce

There are around 121 million people using the internet in India and these numbers have made the advertisers find the internet as a space worth purchasing. The total money spent on digital marketing in the country was around 28.51 billion in the month of March in 2012 and it touched around 43.91 billion by the end of the year. These numbers put forward the point that there is a 25% growth rate of digital advertising in India every year. This growth in digital advertising is also one of the main reasons behind the success of the e-commerce market in India.

Outsourcing is also resulting in the Development of Digital marketing Space

In countries such as Canada, US and UK, e-commerce is already an established market. In these countries, the effective use of SEM and SEO technologies are being practiced since many years. The off shoring of digital marketing requirements have also started in India and with an increase in demand, there will be a considerably rise in the number of digital marketing firms. As this field has great demand at international and national levels, a decent growth in career opportunities in digital marketing field can well be expected. There was a recent announcement from NASSCOM or The National Association of Software and Services Companies that it will be promoting the digital advertising and e-commerce companies of India. in the European and US markets. The step taken by NASSCOM shows the importance of creating career opportunities in e-commerce market.


Call to Action

Without any doubt, the details mentioned above point towards the rise in the demand for professionals in digital marketing industry. It is quite likely that the requirements of the digital marketing industry will genuinely be addressed by the skilled service providers due to the fact that this highly specialized field requires fairly complicated skills.


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